Thursday, April 15, 2010


I have 10 items going for sale. Only RM 15 each.

Trying to clear stock before I leave to study overseas. Hence be fast, only will be here till next Tues (20/4/10)

ps : No COD services available. Too busy with the whole going oversea's thing.

White Workoholic

Vibrant Lilian

Purple River Nymph


Pink Zebra Tube

Blue Girl Scout

Snow Swan

Hippie Christy

Sunday, March 28, 2010


RM 10 off every item! 

*except items alreadyy on sale. 

Hurry . While stocks last

Emails us at springfairy [at]

Happy shopping!

Monday, February 1, 2010

The CNY Collection!

Items are still up for grabs in time for the CNY. Buy more and we may also give you a big surprise in forms of discounts, free postages, or free gifts!!!!! All just so we can have a good merry CNY spirit. Hurry up and grab your favourite outfit!!

Ok, shout outs aside, you know the drill: Pick your favourite items, email us your order along with the necessary details to ASAP before stocks run out! And voila! A yummy top/dress/cardigan is on it's way to you! Enjoy:)

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Snow Swan

Snow Swan- RM 49

A cream coloured dress straight out of greek mythology, the Snow Swan is a dress that will captivate and inspire admiration from all~

The delicate crochet and shimmery dirty-gold lace pattern is gorgeous! The ruching on the front is so pretty too!

The spaghetti straps cross behind, producing an elegant finishing touch to an otherwise plain back. Drop dead gorgeous, this one.
Only available in 1 colour: Cream
Size: Free

Hippie Christy

Hippie Christy- RM49

These long cardigans are the epitome of cool. Add a pair of sunglasses, and let out your inner rocker chick!
Comes in 3 shades: Brown, white and grey.

Single button strategically placed to cinch in the waist.

The sleeves can be rolled up and buttoned into an elbow length cardi.

Ribbon at the back further adjusts the cardigan for a snug fit.
Colours available: White (sold!), Brown, Grey
Size: Free

Flowy Chloe

Flowy Chloe- RM 49

This dress has a really interesting and creative design made with half a zipper! The zipper is shaped into roses and whirls down the front. So cool! *impressed*

Dress is made of breezy cotton, as comfy as any old shirt:) Available in 4 colour as shown above and below, all equally divine!
Here's a close-up of the zipper design. I wonder what they do to the other half of the zip? Imagine one day you come across someone else wearing the other half, then can zip together haha!

The back's pretty cool too! Uhm, it's an X with really long legs~

No zippers or buttons, just pull it over your head and you're ready to go!
Colours available: Blue (sold), White, Black, Grey (sold)
Size: Free

Coco Lulu

Coco Lulu- RM 30

Made of good quality, comfortable cotton, Coco Lulu is a classic black top with a splash of glamour. Gold glass beading details forming a V down the front. Ruched front and sides, creating a slim silhoutte.. This is anything but an ordinary black top!

Great for casual wear, as it is soft, effortless and comfortable. So glamorous too! And did i mention it is slimming? Heh, I am so keeping one for myself:)

Colour: Black

SOLD OUT - Not restockable
Size: Free

Vibrant Lilian

Vibrant Lilian- RM 49

A dress that just screams DIVA! Call it daring or fierce or confident, this dress can definitely hold its own at any party!

Pleated details on the bodice. Hidden zipper on the side. This dress is made of stretchable zebra striped material, it fits like a glove. No wrinkles at all! You can wear it with a belt, black leggings, or lots of bling-bling.. This dress is just wild!

Available in only 1 colour: Blue
Size : Free

Monday, November 2, 2009

Break Hiatus

Hello dear fashionista.

We've been on such a long hiatus due to exams and assignments, it's almost a sin not to give our readers a little treat. To celebrate the break of our hiatus, we decided to launch Spring Fairy into SALE!!!!!!

Yes you've heard us right. Dresses, Tops, Cardigans -- ALL GOING AT ROCK BOTTOM PRICES!!!

Check us out at the below links for items that are still available, and their revised prices (going as low as their cost prices!!). Trust me, you, won't want to miss this!!

Lastly, we sincerely hope to be welcomed back into the blogshop world, and we'll be updating new stocks very very soon.


Items Available =

1) River Nymph --- RM 29 (Original price = RM 49)

2) Edelweiss -- RM 35 (Original price = RM 59)

3) Mystrile -- RM 25 (Original price = RM 45)

4) Lost Soul -- RM 35 (Original price = RM 45)

5) Workaholic -- RM 19 (Original price = RM 30)

6) Zebra Tube -- RM 19 (Original price = RM 39)

7) Girl Scout -- RM 25 (Original price = RM 49)

Thursday, August 6, 2009


Here's for easy browsing. Items still "available" can be checked by clicking here


Thanks for shopping with us!

Have a lovely week ahead.

Friday, July 10, 2009


Our usual round of gratitude goes to

My Basic Fashion Folder

Desire for Fashion

Their review about us, is certainly touching. I'm amazed by the details they provide!!


Tuesday, June 30, 2009

River Nymph

River Nymph- RM49 RM29
Okay, warning first. I got abit carried away writing the descriptions for the River Nymph dress;) So if you get bored, or are just passing through, feel free to ignore the words and look at the pictures instead!
3 colours available:
1. Lily

As dawn peeks over the horizon, and the animals are stirring awake, a river nymph pops her head out of the water and swiftly gazes around.
Seeing no danger she briskly climbs onto a drifting piece of wood. A curious frog leisurely paddles in circles around her floating perch.
She laughs and splashes the water.
The sun shines through her snowy white chiffon dress and sets it aglow.

The delicate brown lace on this dress makes it look positively ethereal.

No zippers or buttons to complicate this confection. Just a bit of smocking around the waist. Simple and sweet:)

2. Nightshade

On a black moonless night, the silence was deafening. Above the river, a mist was slowly lifting.. Softly, like a ghost, she floats ashore. There is the tinkling sound of water dripping as she leaves the river and rests on the grass. A faraway owl hoots, the crickets start their nightly orchestra, but the nymph remains quiet by the river, her dress as dark as the night that surrounds her.

The sleeves of River Nymph are slightly flared. There is an underdress so your innerwear is not playing peekaboo, so rest assured.

3. Morning Glory

The morning glory shakes out her petals, the dew falling silently to the ground. She is surrounded by a carpet of soft, fragile leaves. She whispers, her tiny voice lost in melee of the whole world awakening. Blooming, she reaches for the sunlight, basking in its radiance.

Perfect for a day out in the sun!

Size: Free

Available: Lily(SOLD), Nightshade (SOLD) and Morning Glory


Edelweiss-RM59 RM 35

Named after a perfect white flower that grows in the mountains, this dream dress truly lives up to its namesake's reputation for being timeless and beautiful. A row of gold-gilded black buttons adds colour to an otherwise pristinely white dress.

There is a pocket on each side, very convenient to keep a city girl's basic stuff when she doesn't want to bring out her bag.

Alot of attention to detail at the back as well. With buttons and a sewn on belt to accentuate the waist area. The cutting of this dress is really flattering. Made of cotton material, it is shapely and yet it doesn't hug at the wrong places~ The sleeves are also beautifully done, with little diamante studding the sides.

Sizes: S only(1x Sold) ONE MORE AVAILABLE!!! LAST


Mystrile- RM45RM 25

Ever had those moments when you're meeting people you barely know, and you're not sure whether you should wear something formal or casual?
A first meeting with the future mother-in-law perhaps.. or an outside-of-office lunch with your bosses..
The times when you try on everything in your wardrobe and realise you have nothing to wear? :)
Well, here's the magic solution to your problem: put on your Mystrile!

A classy yet casual tailored dress/ long top. Mystrile will make a great statement when you're dressing to impress. Yet it is laidback enough to look effortless.

Comes in 4 lovely colours:

1. Grey
It has a row of buttons down the front of the dress. Mystrile also comes together with the clincher shown in the pictures.

Smocking at the back brings flattering attention to the waist.

The gathers at the sleeves lends an appealing casual feel to the top.

2. Black&White

This one has a gorgeous long and shapely silhoutte when worn with long pants.

3. Pink
Feminine and adorable, this shade of pink will make you feel like a princess.

4. Blue

This shade of blue is absolutely gorgeous. Mysterious and fun, it brings out the adventuress in you.

Picture of capped sleeve again:) Lol, i just love how it makes the whole outfit look sort of grungy!

Size: Free

Clincher in picture is Included!!

Available in: Grey(SOLD), B&W(LAST PIECE), Pink(sold), Blue(sold)